About the villa

Villa D is a luxurious modern 5-star villa that spans across more than 1,000 square meters with its facilities.
Its envisaged capacity is up to 12 people, it is comfortable and offers a quality accommodation with 6 spacious bedrooms, each of which has a separate bathroom and a large terrace. Each and every room boasts a magnificent view of the Brač Channel. The ground floor of the villa is an open-space area visually connected by the stylistic components of the kitchen, the lounge and the common fireplace area, extending to the wine room and the pool (billiards) area. The villa’s architecture opens up towards the Brač Channel, linking the interior through a spacious lounge terrace with a large open-air barbecue, a sunbathing section and a luxurious outdoor swimming pool, thereby enabling staying outside throughout the villa’s space. A specific trait of this location is the sloping terrain, which has enabled enrichment of the villa complex with a private sauna and a gym, offering a breath-taking sea view.
The villa complex also includes an additional small one-person apartment. It can be used according to the personal preferences and needs of each individual guest.
Opening up towards the area covered with a pine forest with the characteristic scent of pine on one side, thanks to its horticultural design, an autochthonous selection of plants and herbs, the villa merges with nature providing to its guests an unforgettable experience of the character, taste and scent of the Adriatic.


Villa D is located on the top of the sloping terrain cove of Prja, by a pine forest area abundant in fresh air, providing visitors an unhindered view of the sea, a scent of pine forest and a perfect privacy of their stay. Along the coastline of the cove of Prja, at a distance of 200 meters from the sea, stretches a beach which is partially made of pebbles, partially of stone, while a part is a pristine beach. There is also a café bar on the beach, and the beach is family friendly.

There is a promenade extending by the sea from the cove of Prja towards the west, up to the neighboring municipality of Splitska. This promenade is one of a number of hiking and biking trails leading through pine forests and olive groves, with bicycles available at the villa for you to explore those trails.
The center of the municipality is at a short walking distance from Villa D, if you stroll on the promenade by the sea with sailing boats, boats, stone beaches and occasional local fishermen who acquaint the visitors with the history of this fishing village while preparing freshly caught fish.

“A synonym for delicious fish“ is the best description of Postira, which is famous for the fish processing plant “Sardina” and the biggest fresh fish market on the island of Brač. The fish market is located in the vicinity of the villa, offeringthe visitors a possibility to have a fresh taste of the Adriatic on the table, on a daily basis.


The municipality of Postira is a fishing village situated on the northern coast of the island of Brač, settled in the 16th century, when the inhabitants from the nearby villages in the inland part of the island descended towards the coast.
The parish church built in mid-16th century bears the name of St. John the Baptist, while the remnants of an early Christian basilica from the 6th century found under it are just some of the archaeological sites witnessing about the long-standing history of Postira.

Cultural intertwining of history and the present is a specific trait of this small municipality. The cove of Lovrečina is one of the most beautiful and most famous sand beaches of the Adriatic. It is also a valuable archaeologic site of an early Christian basilica from the 6th century and an ancient boat dock.
Historically, the rich gastronomy of this part of the island has developed through fishing and olive growing.
As early as 1907, the renowned fish processing factory “Sardina” started operating, rendering today’s popular designation of Postira as “a synonym for delicious fish”.
The island’s treasure – olive oil – is an unavoidable ingredient of a rich gastronomic offer of Postira, whereas the nearby Olive Oil Museum presents the history of olive growing on the island of Brač, and also the whole traditional olive oil processing. The museum also hosts an olive oil tasting room, where visitors may taste and buy olive oil.
The World Championship in olive picking, which has already become a tradition, takes place in October. The participants are Mediterranean countries with a tradition in olive oil production, as well as others that do not have one single olive tree, but are connected to olives and olive oil, one way or another.
The “hrapoćuša” cake has a special place in the rich gastronomic offer of the traditional local cuisine. It is listed among the protected intangible cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia. This is a cake unique for its coarse and rustic appearance, and was named after the local stone called “hrapoćuša” that the cake irresistibly reminds of.
There are numerous beaches in the municipality itself and the nearby surroundings. Besides the Lovrečina beach, the most popular ones are Prja, Porat, Rot, Zastivonje, Molo Lozna, Bok and Velo Lozna. Postira has become a center for night sailing thanks to the singularity of space and a natural phenomenon, the night air current called “gažul” that descends from Vidova Gora mountain to the Postira harbor. The Little Night Regatta manifestation transforms the harbor into a theatrical scenography with light-flooded sea and sailing boats, the “riva” promenade as the auditorium and with Mozart’s A Little Night Music in the background.

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