Updated 7.3.2022.

Your well-being is our priority

The global pandemic caused by the coronavirus has posed tremendous challenges to the entire world. Our thoughts are with all the people who are currently fighting against its effects.

The safety and health of our guests remains our top priority. We continuously follow the latest news and recommendations by experts and competent institutions regarding the COVID-19 crisis and update our booking policies to meet your needs at this time as much as we can.

Due to the effective protection measures in Croatia, the situation in our country is completely under control and we look forward to welcome you in our villa. If you decide to travel, just a few hours drive from Central Europe you can enjoy the view, taste and scent of the Adriatic Sea, in safe conditions.

Villa D offers you luxurious comfort

With our complete service offer that includes grocery delivery as well as restaurant delivery service, you can focus on relaxing and enjoying your well-deserved holiday in our beautiful villa. Our goal is to provide our guests with everything they need, without ever needing to leave the villa.

Book your holiday without any worries

All new reservations now include time-relaxed payment option. When booking your stay with us, in the moment of reservation we collect 40% deposit, rest of the balance payment is due 30 days before the arrival.
For all existing and new reservations for the year 2022, we have provided a voucher, which offers full flexibility to choose and change the dates of your holiday in 2022 or 2023.

Reservations for 2022:

  • You can transfer the number of days from your 2022 reservation to any other available date in 2022, price according to travel date price seasons.
  • If you are not going to be able to fulfill your reservation in 2022, you can transfer it to 2023, price according to travel date price seasons.
  • You can change the dates of your stay up to 30 days before your arrival.
    For more information, contact us on or +385 98 305 174.
  • In case you cannot plan your stay with us this summer, we have opened our 2023 calendar.
    Be the first to choose and book your well-deserved holiday.


With great hope, we believe that this health crisis will be put under control in 2022, but we still offer special cancellation policy due to uncertain times.

  • cancellation up to 30 days before the arrival
    We offer our guests full refund of paid deposit or a voucher for the booked number of days in 2022 that can be used without the time limit, with price correction according to travel date price seasons.
  • cancellation less than 30 days before the arrival
    We offer our guests voucher for the booked number of days in 2022 that can be used without the time limit, with price correction according to travel date price seasons.

Our protection measures for our guests

We always take special care of hygiene and cleanliness in our villa. At the first sign of the epidemic in neighboring countries, we have introduced a series of disease prevention procedures, making sure to maintain a high level of comfort and quality of service. Since then, we have developed a system to ensure the safety of our guests in accordance with the latest hygiene and cleanliness guidelines.

The safety system for guests includes, among other things:

  • sanitation standard operating procedures
  • availability of surface and hand disinfectants at all times
  • additional safety measures in the preparation, cleaning and disinfection of accommodation units and all the features and amenities of the villa.

We look forward to welcoming you and do our best to make sure you enjoy a holiday of your dreams. You certainly deserved it! Stay safe. See you soon!