World Championship in Olive Picking

Following the extremely successful first and second issues of the 2017 and 2018 Olive Picking Championships, the Postira Tourist Board and the Postira Agricultural Cooperative, with the support of the Postira Municipality, organized the third Olive Picking Championship, an event held to promote olive growing.

This year, the national teams of the participating countries were composed of four members (two female members and two male members), and the categories in which the forces were measured are the traditional hand-picking on sackets and the modern picking (on shakers and rakes). In addition to the competition section, there were organized workshops, tastings, outings and fun nights.

According to the organizers, national teams from Poland, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, England, Slovenia, Montenegro, France, Belgium, South Africa, the USA and Slovakia participated in this year's Olive Picking Championship.

Each team needed to be proficient in olive-picking, such a dear activity to the people of this region. In 45 minutes it was necessary to pick the olives as best and as quick as possible and to show the results to a special jury. At about 12.00 the competition ended, and the competing teams also participated in a quiz about knowledge of olives and olive oils.

The harvested olives were processed at the Agricultural Cooperative Postira, which is the co-organizer of this valuable event, whose third year is the best confirmation that olive growing finds its true value in Postira.


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