Villa D is located on the top of the sloping terrain cove of Prja, by a pine forest area abundant in fresh air, providing visitors an unhindered view of the sea, a scent of pine forest and a perfect privacy of their stay. Along the coastline of the cove of Prja, at a distance of 200meters from the sea, stretches a beach which is partially made of pebbles, partially of stone, while a part is a pristine beach. There is also a café bar on the beach, and the beach is family friendly.

There is a promenade extending by the sea from the cove of Prja towards the west, up to the neighboring municipality of Splitska. This promenade is one of a number of hiking and biking trails leading through pine forests and olive groves, with bicycles available at the villa for you to explore those trails.

The center of the municipality is at a short walking distance from Villa D, if you stroll on the promenade by the sea with sailing boats, boats, stone beaches and occasional local fishermen who acquaint the visitors with the history of this fishing village while preparing freshly caught fish.

“A synonym for delicious fish“ is the best description of Postira, which is famous for the fish processing plant “Sardina” and the biggest fresh fish market on the island of Brač. The fish market is located in the vicinity of the villa, offeringthe visitors a possibility to have a fresh taste of the Adriatic on the table, on a daily basis.