Little Night Regatta

The 7th Little Night Regatta, a manifestation that transforms the town center into a spectacular theatrical performance, traditionally organized by the municipality of Postira, was held on Saturday, August 10, 2019. The 7th "Little Night Regatta" attracted about 1500 guests, locals, sailing enthusiasts and curious people to the Postira waterfront.

It’s a very unique regatta, held at night and the regatta field is set up in the port itself. It was impressive to watch the sailboats spin in all directions, trying to catch the wind, find a route to the buoys and avoid close encounters. The "Little Night Regatta" is due to the natural phenomenon that enables the night air current to descend from Vidova gora, the largest peak of the Adriatic islands, through the "Gažul" to the Postira port, which is filled with sailboats. Due to the cramped competition field, regatta is limited to 15 boats, but the organizers accepted one more application this time. The title of the winner was given to the boat "Fugu", whose helm was the famous Montenegrin musician Antonije Pusic, better known as Rambo Amadeus.

Otherwise, the "Little Night Regatta", traditionally organized in Postira, won the annual Simply the Best Award in the category of events based on tradition and local customs.




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